Still Irritated Only More So!!!

Apparently another problem is not being able to reply to comments. This is the fifth attempt to do so; this time I will try a new topic rather than a reply. When I reply, and click "Post", I get an "Oops, your session has timed out" message, and am dumped back onto the logon page - I believe that's the twenty-third logon today so far! There it says "After you log in, we'll send you on your way to: 'edit/post' ". I log on (again) and am taken to a blank page.  Let me add that one of these "time outs" occurred exactly 19 seconds after I had logged on!

In reply to the comment from randofo - I am indeed using IE8, with internet security set to medium-high. Cookies are enabled.

I have searched the forums and tried what "fixes" I found to no beneficial result.  One of those suggested removing all security, which I tried very briefly.  No help.

I occasionally use private browsing mode, but not at

In reply to caitlinsdad, thanks for the helpful comment. When a site charges for a service, they have declared themselves to be professional and need to accept those standards.

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branhamr (author) 7 years ago
OK, you gentlemen seem to be correct from a purely pragmatic point of view; I am now using Firefox and things appear to be working as advertised. My blood pressure is slowly dropping back into the normal range. That being said, I think it is unfortunate that the site does not work correctly when accessed by IE. It is, no matter how you feel about it or the reasons, vastly the most used (I avoided the word "popular"intentionally) browser out there, and it isn't that hard to accommodate - I made my living for five years developing webs for IE in a corporate environment where it was politically necessary. What bothers me most is that the folks at don't seem to care much. Maybe someone needs to write an Instructable on accessing with IE!
Blame Microsoft for creating a browser that doesn't conform to web standards!

Dude, Man, relax and stop using IE (join us..) Most people don't have problems y'know.


He wanted me to pass this little note on...

Dear Lemonie,

Don't be hatin' on IE.

Much appreciated,
    Bill G.

Bill G should direct his message to Instructables...

Dear Lemonie,

Thank you for your concern.

I will have our team of lawyers on it immediately.

  Bill G.

Eugh, yuck! peace and happiness, every where!
Kryptonite7 years ago
Is it still doing this?

If so, try emptying your cache, entirely.
lemonie7 years ago
Don't use IE, see how that works.

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