Stolen instructable

Well i do not now how & where to present this issue(not my issue).It is something i came across while browsing new instructables as usual.
A person copied someone else's Instructable(He copied Everything).Just to enter a Contest . Everything same except the title
Here is a link to both of them

The original Instructable:-

The Copied one:-      (He think's that the people here are fool's)

The person who copied the instructable will be reaping the benifit of Pro membership(for featured instructable),which he does not deserve.

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goldlego2 years ago

It's sad that they think nobody will notice..

It is now flagged for admin attention.

How low get you get that you have to steal the work ad ideas of other people??

Doing it from website to website seems to be a sport anyway, but within here?

I hope there are some serious punishments in place for those low life individuals...

Kiteman4 years ago
We're already in this, but thanks for pointing it out.
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Has been 15 day's now & that copied instruct-able is still not deleted.
Don't tell me that he can win the contest(yes he entered it in the battery powered contest) with this copied instructable.
You can only find the project with the direct link now - it does not show up in any searches or lists.

Don't worry, it won't win anything.
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thank's for that.
Have a nice day
I intend to, it's sunny!
samalert4 years ago
There needs to be a flag for the same. Now the flag categories include nothing which goes out for Plagiarism. And secondly how is it published under the watchful eyes of scrutinizers. I have been on instructables and watching almost all instructables even i was able to guess it why not the staff from Ible's who monitor the groups. Why is it even taking ages for pulling it down.
Bobblehead Einstein (author)  samalert4 years ago
He added the instructable to a contest :/
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