Stop alerting me! (UPDATED) (AGAIN)

Today, i noticed 8 new emails. JOY! I have never gotten so many emails! Surely I must be beloved by all! Sadly, they were all from instructables. Oh well, I bet they bring good news! No. just comments. Lots and lots of comments. I wondered why I was notified, since I have never asked that they do so. I went to check my settings, and, will you look at that! I'm not supposed to be alerted when I receive a comment, because the box that should be selected should I want to receive said emails, is not selected! So, ibles, why are you telling me stuff I don't want to know?! UPDATE: The staff is aware of this, and asks that we be patient while they work on it. UPDATE 2: Rachel fixed it! Hooray! My inbox can be lonely and hungry once more!

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rachel9 years ago
I have just released a bugfix version of the site containing a fix for this. You should no longer be receiving emails if you've configured your account not to! For example, Keith-Kid, you should not receive an email for this comment - let me know if you did. Sorry about that guys, my bad.
Keith-Kid (author)  rachel9 years ago
Nope! Last one was yesterday! Thanks!
Plasmana9 years ago
My inbox can be lonely and hungry once more!

I have over 3,000 emails from Instructables..
Holy crap!
Haha, not in 1 day.
Keith-Kid (author) 9 years ago
Keith-Kid (author)  bumpus9 years ago
Is gonna be in the book!
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