Stop with the useless topics!

Ok, so I have noticed some forum topics that seem to serve no purpose, and thought I would bring this to the community's attention. An example of one of these posts would be Knexfreak's topic about how he is going on holiday. These posts are getting the K'nex community laughed at, quite frankly, and while sarcasm may be hard to pick up on on the internet, some others must have noticed at least something. And at least if you want to post some tat, use correct grammar and spelling. This is what mainly contributes to the stereotypical view of the 'K'nexer'. Or you could continue, as I did chuckle at the whole 'fourever' dialolgue in kookoo for knex's post. Thank you for that, caitlinsdad and others. 'Non-K'nexers' may want to use this topic to give advice to the K'nex community. Also, my name seems silly and has stopped me posting on other 'non-K'nex' instructables more than once , in fear of ridicule. Any ideas for a shiny new name are welcome.

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DJ Radio8 years ago
Posts that whine and complain about useless topics are just as useless as the topics themselves.
knexguy (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
You really know how to make enemies, don't you?
whut? :-P
He was saying that you know how to make enemies because you are always posting negative comments.

Now let me make one thing clear, I do not believe i the thing he just  said. I was just pointing it out.

Also, before you say, I don't really care that I replied to this comment 6 months later.
knexguy (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Nom. That wasn't a typo. Nom.
knexguy (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Don't know.
NYPA8 years ago
If you are a regular, active, poster, then people will notice. These traits are usually common with big-name K'nexers, such as DJ Radio, or Killer~SafeCracker. Just drop a comment on your orangeboard, and it will spread very fast.
knexguy (author)  NYPA8 years ago
This is getting back into the whole hierarchy thing, just under a different name. There are no 'big-name' people, that's just how you percieve them.  Everyone ie equal on the internet, it's the only place where socialism can really work because there is no real authority.

Having said that, some are more equal than others .¬_¬
Kiteman8 years ago
Granted, some topics are a bit of a waste of bandwidth, but they do quickly disappear down the lists. If they linger in view, it is the fault of those who post comments on thr topic. "Holiday" topics are often useful - when certain members seem to vanish,other members can get worried.
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