Store your stuff in the wall with Pocket Wall

This wall with stretchy storage is called the Pocket Wall and it was created by Polish Designer Maja Ganszyniec. Not happy with just putting stuff in piles on the floor or, you know, regular shelving? Start bulging the walls with your gear!

Your Wall Becomes Storage With Pocket Wall

Picture of Store your stuff in the wall with Pocket Wall
nehmah7 years ago
Good idea but not for the two ankle b.... er, darling girls in our family. One would store everything including her little sister on the wall.  Little sister would promptly take to wall climbing whilst singing the "Spiderman" theme in Spanish/English mixed up.  Still, it would be fine in my sewing rooms.  Cordially, Nehmah
kuhlcy7 years ago
This is amazing.  If it ever too off I would totally put it in my little girls room.  So....many....stuffed.....animals! Or make a pocket big enough for her.  I can see it now, the Octomom with baby nursery decor ("includes real babies!").
kcls7 years ago
What if it rips? Would you have to redo the whole wall? Maybe if it ripped in enough places, they could turn it into a patchwork wall!