Storing Simple Analog Data

Hey guys!

I just got this cool little temperature (LM35) and I had a small problem. I want to upload this sketch to my ATtiny45 and put it on my plane so I could get the temperature from above. Only problem is I have no way of seeing it.

So is there a simple, easy solution to storing a couple of numbers?

I though I could just set the temperature every 3 minutes to a variable, but if I turned the board off, the data would be lost.

So I don't need to store tons of memory just a couple numbers!


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It would have to be stored to something like an SD card. You won't be able to store and retrieve that data from the micro controller. So you'll need 4 i/o pins available to communicate with an SD/microSD card. Look into the SD library.
HavocRC (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Thank you very much I'll look into that. Can I like play music from one???
If you want to use an arduino to play music look into the wave shield. It is able to play audio files stored on an SD card. Handy for projects you want to incorporate sounds into.
HavocRC (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Thank you very much mpilch
uses the eeprom on the chip.
gmoon4 years ago
There are AVR (and Arduino) functions for writing directly to flash memory. You probably won't have much memory left after programing an ATtiny45, but it's certainly possible to do so for a few bytes.

Then do flash memory dump when you're done. The Harvard architecture of these uCs might be hard to decode, but you could embed your data inside a fixed string, and use that info decode it...
HavocRC (author)  gmoon4 years ago
Thanks moon I'll remember that.