Storm 22_ V2 vote!

Hi guys! I am holding a vote to say which one of my four so far storm rifles or storm 22 pistol I should upgrade to a revised V2! Just vote, closing date is November 1st!

Vote count

Storm 220
Storm 221
Storm 222
Storm 223
Storm 22

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not a clue
well it might be late but the only one ive bulit is the 22 and its good and yet at the same time i like them all my vote is storm 22
ninjusk9 years ago
well most of them are good exsept 221 is single shot so it should have a mag like most of them (yes i realize that the 222 uses a chain)
razzlekunai9 years ago
223 WHen will the votes close?
The Jamalam (author)  razzlekunai9 years ago
when i get 50 comments
I see. 50 comments containing VOTES, yes?
strato969 years ago
King_Banana9 years ago
yannyboy9 years ago
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