Storm 223

Hi guys, i want to build a storm 223, having finally posted my 222. However, i can't think what mode of fire/type of gun/trigger/ammo to use. So i thought i'd let you guys help me :) I am holding a vote; anyone can vote for one of the categories below. everyone only gets one vote, but votes for one of each of the classes. The closing date is


so stop voting

Class 1: mode of firing

  • single shot
  • semi auto with (specific) shots
  • bolt action
  • machine gun
  • other (please state)

Class 2: type of gun

  • standard rifle
  • sniper
  • assault rifle
  • shotgun
  • pistol
  • pump shotgun
  • slide pistol
  • sawed off shotgun
  • other (please state)

Class 3: type of trigger

  • standard (eg. desert buzzard's trigger)
  • sear system
  • new invention
  • other (please state)
  • none (eg. pull/release or mg)

==Class 4: type of ammo
  • rods
  • connectors
  • capped rods
  • rubberbands
  • other (please state)

Class 5: range aspiration

  • long
  • short
  • medium

When voting, consider the following;
  • i have done a semi auto assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and a semi auto chain driven.
  • this is number 4 for me, the one before the legendary storm 224, so make it good.
  • this is real guys, so make it possible

Happy voting!

EDIT: The storm 223 is nearly finished, and i have posted up some pictures below!

Picture of Storm 223
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yerjoking9 years ago
I thought it was gonig to be a grenade launcher, as in just one, but this is still great, will you check out my grenade launcher on youtube? Just search Yerjoking and I should come up =D
The Jamalam (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
hey, do you reckon you could post some of my stuff on youtube as mine? I don't have an account but you can put them up!
Sure! But how?
The Jamalam (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
well, You or I make videos of my stuff and (I send them to you) then you put it up. Simple, no?
Uhh, I can't make the vids, but I'm sure I could upload them, I have a few projects, and one is seemingly impossible, but I think I can do it :D!
The Jamalam (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
thanks! have a new ball machine vid!
Want me put that up?
The Jamalam (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
yes plz if u could
Uhh... I can't, lol.
The Jamalam (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
:( Why not?
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