Strange Bug..some sort of caching or date miscalculation

I have noticed this issue a couple of times and thought that it is some sort of caching issue, I tired deleting the browser cache and at times it worked. Today I also noticed it in IE10 (previously on IE9 as well) that the home page is showing very old ibles everywhere See attached images. What is more interesting that the ible for eco-friendly lamp and also how to make fire using your pee (I had never seen this ible in my life) is repeated everytime and both ibles does not exists. This is surely some datetime stamping problem with these ibles. I could have taken it as a caching issue on my browser but It is not.

Picture of Strange Bug..some sort of caching or date miscalculation
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kelseymh4 years ago
The problem appears to be related to the way the different Instructables cookies stored in your browser affect what the back-end servers feed back to you. A reliable "fix" for it is to delete your I'bles cookies, go through the login again, and reload the affected pages.

Penelopy suggested that maybe just the "APPSERVER" cookie is responsible (i.e., one of the back-end machines is confused). Since I don't know the internals of what each cookie controls, I generally wipe them all.
Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
You are right, I mentioned this in my post though I referred it as cache. Seems like the load balancers are relying on browser cookie to maintain sticky sessions.
Tarun Upadhyaya (author) 4 years ago
Same bug reported again here , its very latest.
frenzy4 years ago
This should be fine now, thanks for letting us know!
Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  frenzy4 years ago
Glad to help. :)
Are you still seeing the issue today?
No I am not. Thank you so much.
Hi, Penelopy. See my update to a bug report on the "sort=RECENT" issue. After the down time this afternoon, the "recent I'bes" page started showing those same quite old I'bles.
Do you know how to see what appserver you are on? If possible, try to delete that cookie and see if it is the same. It is good to clear both cache and cookies after fixes. We pushed through another fix today so that might be causing the issue.
Hi, again. The APPSERVER cookie I have currently says app7. However, I was off line for three hours (until just now), and when I refreshed my tabs, both the Q&A and recent-I'bles pages were back to normal.
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