Strange Mutations

Artist FilthyLuker has been making some fantastic installations. These tentacles are over the top and bring to mind some octopus invasion. Meanwhile, the other pics show that just adding a couple of eyes can make any object much more fascinating.

FilthyLuker's gallery
via Wooster Collective

Picture of Strange Mutations
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comodore9 years ago
wow !
,wow, !
wow !

I would like to live in a building like that!
Hmm, I am looking for an advantage to them....perhaps if they went "downward" they could serve as escape chutes? :-)
LOL If the cops come looking for you, haha!
Plasmana9 years ago
That is really strange and COOL!
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Is that, like, inflatable or something?
4daHALIBUT9 years ago
where did u get those tentacles from??! they are wicked cool (i want some)
lol funny if only the eye balls blinked and the tentacles moved
bumpus9 years ago
runs off to do this at the park*
Lol, you have too much free time

secretly sneaks off to the park to try it
thats what i thought
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