Strange Youtube Error (kinda funny)

Hey, look what I got after trying to send a message to another Youtube user. It said something about an internal service error 500, or somethin' like that. Highly trained monkeys? LMFAO!!!!

Here's a link to a bigger version of that picture.

And, because I'm bored, a funny video!

Picture of Strange Youtube Error (kinda funny)
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agent10 years ago
Wow! That's hilarious! I was wondering why my bro had to leave so suddenly... :P
Sunbanks10 years ago
Thats a weird video...Have you ever seen the "Muffins" or "Shoes" videos?
John Smith (author)  Sunbanks10 years ago
No, are they on Youtube? Can I have a linky?
Don't have the computer up very loud when watching "Shoes". My friend and I did and...well you will be able to figure it out. Have fun!:)
John Smith (author)  Sunbanks10 years ago
That shoe one....weird....not in a cool way, either. Just- weird. I have saw the muffins one before, it is pretty funny.
Yeah the shoe one is probably one of the weirdest ones I have seen, besides the Chris Crocker ones. Anyway I prefer the muffins one.
muffins i didnt think was funny, and shoes was... well not that funny either, but it did get a mild chuckle...
Goodhart Sunbanks10 years ago
Ok, that's 6 minutes of my life gone that I will never get back
Sunbanks Sunbanks10 years ago
Oops forgot the spaces between Shoes and Muffins
Cool! Instructables toolbar!
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