Strange skies

Here is a forum to start off the group, and I really don't care if any outsiders choose to look at the antics around. I though we could start off with something a little weird, because -- well, I can. Here we can trade off strange questions of the universe and listen (Or ignore) the opinions/answers/lies others tell you.

Well, to start us off, What do you think a star tastes like? The question has been bothering me all morning. . .

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HMice5 years ago
I think there is definitely life out there. But where......?
Thergox (author)  HMice5 years ago
I am not sure, but there is no doubt to be a planet that sustains life just as Earth. There are just too many possibilities for there not to be another wild card -- heck, if they were just bacteria, everyone would go berserk about alien life-forms. Though the only planet I can think of that sustains life is in Alpha Centauri.
We don't know of any planets circling Alpha Centauri.
Thergox (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Pardon me -- I was incorrect.
waldosan5 years ago
take a swig of liquid hydrogen then stick a powered soldering iron in your mouth, that's what a star tastes like.
Thergox (author)  waldosan5 years ago
That sounds a little harsh.
inventor_645 years ago
i think there is no taste for a star.there will be many reactions in the anybody want to know taste of the star it is IMPOSSIBLE.
Thergox (author)  inventor_645 years ago
NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! KYAAAAAAAH -- you can never know that, yet. We humans have made so many insane creations, so I wouldn't trash the idea just yet. . . Though I do imagine it would be a painful experience.
Lots of things are impossible. Like trying to explain things to the ignorant (see unrelated recent forum topics). Or getting more energy out of a mechanical or electromagnetic system than you put into it.
Thergox (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
That is a valid point -- in THIS dimension.
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