Stream to speakers?

Is there anyway to make it so my macbook wirelessley streams whatever music im playing to the speaker set in my room. I have a macbook and a fairley new speaker set, i think the kind of thing id be looking for is a slingbox. any suggestions?

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macwhiz7 years ago
Get an Airport Express for about $100
drew.adc10 years ago
If your laptop has bluetooth, morotola makes a product that does exactly what you are looking for. It will take a signal from a laptop across the room and send it to the stereo system.
Motorola DC800
It isn't quite hi-fi, but if you adjust your equalizer correctly it doesn't sound too bad. If you don't already have bluetooth, you can pick up a dongle for a decent price and then use this. Check around for prices though. I picked up one of the DC800's at radioshack about a month ago for $20.
VIRON drew.adc10 years ago
If it isn't quite hi-fi, and sounds bad, don't waste $20. Hi-Fi is a mono AM radio tube amp that is less distorted than ones made before 1950. Bluetooth sounds awful by your description!
VIRON10 years ago
Simple! Wireless speakers are called "radio". Just plug an ipod transmitter into your Mac, and turn your radio on, and the sound from your laptop will come out of your speakers.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Slingbox is not exactly wireless - it requires Ethernet.
. I plugged wireless speaker schematic into Google and saw some stuff that might be useful.