Here we have Tetranitrate, getting some "space" in MAKE Mag. Giant MATCH

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Picture of Strike ANYWHERE !
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Keith-Kid9 years ago
Couldn't you just have taken a screenshot and saved it as a JPEG?
Anyway, I am Dieing(?) to subscribe to MAKE. I currently have money for a subscription, but I think I'll buy an old volume also. Which would you people recommend, keep in mind I like small electronic projects, filmmaking and overall craft (NOT Craft magazine!) stuff....
Goodhart (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
My First one, I will remember well, not all that long ago (about a year or so) had on the front cover concerning Lucid Dreaming, and a device to make that may help in bringing on the state during sleep (Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you are dreaming, during the dream....then, if you do not wake yourself, you get to do "whatever you want....for instance, fly" in your dream as you are now in control.....PS: a greater percentage of Females can dream lucidly, without help, then males can). That was the issue that caught my eye, and I had to save up for the issue, and got the last one they had at Borders :-)
Yes.....I know about lucid dreaming, I am not as uninformed as you consider me to be.....
Eh, he isn't saying you're uninformed, he's more or less giving you the condensed version of an interesting article in this magazine you'd like to buy.
I'd like to make a comment about how you always seem to butt in, but I won't. I know you meant no offense, but sometimes people might consider this....sucking up... I said it was my bad.
*shrugs* I posted this before you said that. All I was saying is, I know Goodhart, and he will often insert extra information, without it having anything to do with what he thinks you know or don't know. To me, you came across as kind of prickly, and I am simply saying, he doesn't mean anything. Frankly, your accusation is kind of silly. For one thing, if I was going to suck up to someone, it'd be ewilhelm or canida or someone like that. Just because we disagree does not mean I am sucking up.
Darn it all..... Lady, you have issues!
Hmm... Well, I am glad it was sarcasm, but it didn't come across that way...
Goodhart (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
I thought the </ wording> indicated an end? If so, the "Darn it all" is the sarcasm *chuckle*

Oh my, is this pick on KK night ? sorry about that ;-)
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