String Theory,..this is not detailed, but what do you think?

Here is a short video (not embeddable, sorry) on the Higgs-Boson and string theory by Dr. Michio Kaku.  Comments?

Picture of String Theory,..this is not detailed, but what do you think?
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lemonie4 years ago
I don't like the chopping camera-angles, it makes no sense; someone thought it would make things look more interesting but it's just a distraction.
Nice talk, everything does come down to vibrations in the end.

Was that a fart joke?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
No, where did you get a flatus-reference in there?

The last few words...

I guess I'm just a 38 year old who's still amused by immature things.
And I actually had this in mind when I thought of it.
Goodhart (author)  Sovereignty4 years ago
I remember that LOL
Goodhart (author)  Sovereignty4 years ago
Bah, if we lose out ability to think diversely THEN we've become old.....never give that up :-) Hey, I pointed it out and I am 53 LOL
Even I picked up on that one... ("vibrations in the end", for the record)
Goodhart (author)  jaffawarrior14 years ago
Typing in all caps (internet shouting) is not necessary....
colorex4 years ago
I understood every single thing he said!
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
He is good that way. :-)
That was sarcasm :)

Though I understood some of it!
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
Oh sorry, I don't always recognize sarcasm even face to face *blush* Then I suppose the book: Quintessence: the search for the missing mass of the universe; would be a bit beyond you then :-)
Don't worry...
Well, maybe if I was updated on the topic I would understand it, right now I'm completely into RC planes, not so much into science. But If I read up on it I would surely understand it.
rc planes r kool do u have a nite vapour
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
Oh and I didn't mean to imply that you were dumb or anything, just that the book I mentioned would be a bit much at your current knowledge level. I found it fascinating and have moved on to others like it (but I have a varied thirst for understanding and am also reading up on brain physiology/function, electrochemical reactions, and quantum theory, to name a few)....I find it fun to find out things....especially the things I can experiment with later (like electronics).
WOW! You're awesome! That's some heavy reading! I could read up on physics, but I am dumb on electrochemical reactions!
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
Well, starting with "how a battery works" and working your way up to how solar cells work would help in the electrochemical area....it's a start anyways :-)

Yeah, I know. I know that the acid in a battery produces an electrochemical reaction with the metallic plates, producing energy; but solar cells, I know just that they do work!
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
Not all batteries (or cells to be more accurate) use "acid" however. But yes, the principle is nearly the same in all of them, no matter the chemicals used (nickel metal hydride, etc, & etc.).
Then there is plating, de-plating (stipping), oxidation, infusion, and many other things that can be done this way.
The world of physical-chemical reactions are also multitude however.  Take for instance simple glycerin.   Put a drop on a small pile of permanganese dioxide and you will have purple flames and smoke galore.  
BTW Would you know how to make a smoke bomb? Non-toxic, easy and cheap? maybe also for a streamer on a plane?
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
sugar, burned quickly and without much of an O2 supply will smoke like crazy.  A mix with potassium nitrate when burned will produce a fair volume of smoke. 
Potassium nitrate... does that ignite with sulfuric acid?

And should it be powder sugar?
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
If one, under the proper conditions (again, this is NOT safe outside a controlled lab), burns sulfur and potassium nitrate, they can produce sulfuric acid. But doing this outside the lab can potentially produce enough of it in vapor form to give a person severe burns "from the inside out".
Oh, I remember now, school experiment: Sugar, potassium *chlorate* and sulphuric acid. Big fast flame, but not much smoke.
Careful though - that's one ingredient short of gunpowder. :D (Also, on a pedantic note, it's not non-toxic - even ignoring the fairly standard "if you eat this or rub it on your skin it will be unpleasant" effects, it's a known producer of human carcinogens.)
Potassium nitrate is carcinogen?? The first gunpowder had 1 x coal powder, 1x sulphur, and 6x nitrates... Is this right?
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
Yes, my apologies, I should have given the warning that it "can" become potentially dangerous; it burns brightly if not quickly, if enough "carbon" is present, and produces a lava like molten substance with potential to ignite what it is laying in, or other nasty offshoots. And yes, the sugar should be powdered. The amount of heat produced by a violent burn, can be hazardous in many ways.
Well, I'm careful by nature with chemical compounds. I plan on making smoke streamers for an RC airplane. I read on Wikipedia that potassium nitrate will melt with sugar at medium temperatures.

However, I need to know how to make sure that the mixture doesn't explode, but burns gradually. I know this has something to do with how it's packed into the tube that contains it. But I don't know for sure...
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
Hmmm, I have never been able to make "really fast burning" black powder (especially without the sulfur). It burns fairly fast, BUT not like gunpowder, more like a fuse :-) I am sure a little experimentation (done carefully) would yield results that would rival my experiences however.
I need it to burn gradually into a tube, and make it last for a minute or so...
Goodhart (author)  colorex4 years ago
I've never been able to make it burn THAT quickly....YMMV. Careful experiments should yield results similar to mine however.
No, it isn't a carcinogen itself; under certain (fairly common) conditions it can produce them (nitrosamines, specifically). It's a somewhat pedantic point because AFAIK casual contact with limited amounts of potassium nitrate (as opposed to potassium nitrite, which is itself a carcinogen) isn't actually going to hurt anything. But, y'know, still technically makes stuff that gives you cancer. :P
I dunno - Google it. :P Point isn't that it will magically transform into gunpowder, but that with that combination you have a very strong oxidizer mixed with a fast-burning fuel, which you ought to be aware of before you start. :)
*Seems I remember that wrong - potassium nitrite isn't demonstrably itself a carcinogen, but is similar to nitrate in producing nitrosamines and having a _suspected_ rather than a confirmed link to cancer.
It's eating it with protein, like in bacon & other cured-meats, that produces these nitosamines.
Technically "bacon gives you cancer".

Goodhart (author)  lemonie4 years ago
bacon and picnic hams :-D Ugh, I still remember the smell of those things after they were pumped full of nitrates at the rendering plant I worked for 30+ years ago....*shiver* I limit my swine intake to this day because of it.
I still remember what this topic started as, looking back....we should start heading back to physics starting with chaos.
Goodhart (author)  Sovereignty4 years ago
Indeed :-)
Well, or ingesting large dosages.
Goodhart (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
True enough, however, anyone that has attempted (innocent whistle concerning actions 35+ years ago) to make black powder has found that is it not simple to make so that it burns efficiently ;-)
blkhawk4 years ago
There is more on the String Theory:

Watch The Elegant Universe: Part 2 on PBS. See more from NOVA.

Goodhart (author)  blkhawk4 years ago
Oh yes, I have read up much more detail in the theory itself, I just wanted to know if this was intelligible to others, or if they felt he "stretched things a bit". :-)
iceng4 years ago
Appreciating your post !

Goodhart (author)  iceng4 years ago
Yeah, I have read up on this a little bit, and he does an excellent job of simplifying....but often the details I crave I need to get from another source....I DO like his different shows he appears in though :-)