Studding leather

Hey guys, Okay so I came across a bunch of spiked studs which I throught were screw on, but it turns out they're not. The backs look like they should be able to hammer into the stud... but Im not sure of how. I've tried as many ways as I could think of to hammer them in but the stud always slips sideways preventing the back from going in .... Anybody have any ideas?

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Goodhart9 years ago
This is the expensive way to go...

Also I have seen hand punches like the following one at this link only instead of punching holes, they set studs.
lyingsage (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Actually hmmmm I was thinking I can use one of my dad's fancy drill peices... it should be small enough to set the stud in and stop it from moving around
Normally, one either sets it with a cupped "chisel-like" contrivance or with a hand "masher" which is cupped on one arm so as not to damage the studs, with a replaceable holder for whatever type of stud cap is on the outside.
Keith-Kid9 years ago
I smell Runescape....
lyingsage (author)  Keith-Kid9 years ago
A roleplaying game, same sort of general concept as D&D and Warhammer, except (I think) the magic system was based on magic writings (runes) rather than spoken spells.
lyingsage (author) 9 years ago
there's gotta be a way to do it wihtout spending money though :(
Well you could have a look at the tool by going there and make your own, also there's a reply button to reply directly to comments, it's in the bottom right under the comment...
There's a little tool you get that punches them through and pops the little rivet like bits together, go to a craft store and ask about it, I'm sure you'd get some help... It's like a pair of pliers on one side with a funny bit on top and a wheel shaped bit with little holders for faster studding I imagine...