Student arrested for making disposable camera Taser

The capacitors inside disposable cameras pack a pretty big wallop and it's recommended that you act very carefully around them. If you don't you'll get zapped. And if you set it up so that someone else could get zapped you might even get arrested like this 14-year-old kid from Connecticut.

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Picture of Student arrested for making disposable camera Taser
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westfw9 years ago
So what exactly are the "not dumb things" that one can do with their homemade taser-from-a-disposable-camera ? (I can think of lots of other non-dumb things to do with the disposable camera itself.)
Kiteman westfw9 years ago
Ignite a cannon?

Drive a plasma ball?

Make dead frogs' legs twitch?

Drive an electrostatic motor?

Make 900 soldiers dance?
westfw Kiteman9 years ago
I dunno. The ~300V on a camera flash is only "high voltage" compared to batteries. Your electrostatic motors and such require that 10kV+ version of "high voltage." But then, those are all "non-taser" things anyway...
you mean tesla coils?
Wow, you're just full of links aren't ya?
or just learn the principles behind HV potential storage....learning can be fun without being harmful to one's self or others.
CapnTac9 years ago
Oh, crap! You don't think that the "Instructions available on the Internet" are from this site, do you?!?!?
Kiteman CapnTac9 years ago
They could easily be from here.

[ Check this other thread for a related discussion.]
if they are, i doubt ibles is in any way liable. the ibles have disclaimers, but should be switched to:

this device uses high voltage and can cause injury and death. neither instructables, its affiliates or the designer of this device are in any way liable for personal or property damages causes by use or misuse of this device. this device is considered illegal in some countries, such as Canada. do not break the law. this device is classed as a weapon. be careful. do not take this device to school, or flash it in public.
"...flash it in public."

That is especially unwise in cold weather...
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