Students build 33 foot tall cardboard tower

This cardboard tower built by students for an exhibition in Paris is 33 feet tall and held together only by screws. It's made up of 96 pieces of cardboard and only took 9 hours to assemble. Even better, no scaffolding was needed as the staircase around it provided all the access the students needed.

Cardboard Tower via treehugger

Picture of Students build 33 foot tall cardboard tower
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Dave A7 years ago
Very nice!
Reminds me of my own work I did for my end-project in art-school. I did use bolts and cardboard too.
Kiteman7 years ago
Impressive, but it would have been perfect if it was only slotted together...
.  Sheesh. You'd gripe about being hung with a silk rope. <snicker>
There's just something that doesn't gel with card and screws.
.  I agree that cardboard-only would be more impressive, but 10 meters of cardboard is pretty impressive any way you look at it.
Yeah, but I think the entire instructables community working tigetther could double it only useing cardboard.
Triple. Easily.
Maybe. I'm saying without hardware.
I know what you mean. Building a tower out of cardboard and hardware is impressive, but building one only of cut-'n-folded together cardboard that still manages to stay upright would have been pretty awesome.
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