Students build giant robot from old truck

Chinese students built this awesome robot sculpture for their graduation project. Almost all of the parts come from an old truck and the total budget was 300,000 yuan. The final robot is almost 32 feet tall and weighs over 8,800 lbs.

Giant robot
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Picture of Students build giant robot from old truck
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kill-a-watt7 years ago
300,000 Chinese yuan = $43,910 U.S. dollars neato, but kinda pricey. I think there's an error in translation somewhere.
Nope. The original Chinese blog entry has "30万元", where 万 is the symbol for "ten thousand". The difference you note may just be between "external" vs. "internal" yuan. The former is the "currency" traded internationally, while the latter is what is used for transactions within China, and which is officially unconvertible.
did not know about "external" vs. "internal" yuan. Alas, that's no way to run a free country. I did know that they do not allow "shorting" a stock in their stock market. Let freedom ring.
Now that is serious annoying. On my own machine, using the identical browser (Firefox 3.6.3), not only could I read the original characters in the blog linked from this topic, I could paste them into the I'bles editor window, and they would display properly as Chinese Unicode.

Now, reading the actual posted comment, the "ten thousand" is displayed as a boxed Unicode, and "yuan" shows up as a Latin upper-case 'C'.
I got that as well.
fungus amungus (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Thanks for that explanation. I got the value from the Chinese blog as well, but wasn't aware of the different kind of yuan.
Better looking Optimus Prime than Michael Bay's "metal confetti" creation. (For the record, the first film is on my all-time favorites list. Of course, the second is on my all-time hated list.) This robot does have a guan dao though, which could be used to cut off other robots' faces, as movie Prime seems obsessed with doing. It can at least behead them. Anyhoo...
I think I am going to have to hunt around ebay for an old truck.
javalien7 years ago
I knew all transformers were made in china....
lolzzz true...............
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