Stuff to make with my dehydrator

I'm so excited about my new dehydrator, have made great nuts, persimmons, apples and tomatoes. I have one of the thingies to make fruit leather and can make jerky.

I'd love to hear any instructablycreative ideas of what to make.

If you're in the San Francisco area I might be willing to lend it out too!

Tunesrlife7 years ago
You forgot chips!
You can make all sorts of lovely raw chips with a dehydrator
Try some corn chips :)
Dehydrated banana chips are super awesome.
canida8 years ago
Our favorite thing so far has been dehydrated kiwis!  They're incredible.  Make sure to get the ultra-strong acidic ones, as they turn out the best.
zieak8 years ago
I made one years ago that i used to dry herbs for making traditional teas or drying spices that you grow your own.  It isn't the right time of year to harvest things but check out books on wild edibles and you'll find all kinds of neat stuff that is abundant and can be used for tea.  I made jerky and really loved that.  My mom would buy the steak that went on sale at the store and just crank them out by the gallon bag with hers.