Stun Arrow?

i know this sounds rambo but can it ezly be done?

i wanna convert a basic aluminum hunting arrow into a stun projectile

i was thinking mabey stacking some .5 farad caps? or would they even fit and rigging them to a disposable camera board just a thought

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If you're hunting something with arrows then stunning it doesn't sound like the goal...

Though a supercapacitor in the main body powering a circuit similar to that in a camera flash could be a way to do it.

The transformer might provide enough voltage at 330V, power it with a simple switching circuit, from what I know an extremely high frequency AC output is the best for stunning.
eckoside (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
now i guess the next best thing to do is find capacitors that will actualy fit inside and stack properly
You could just run the stun circuit on batteries, a AAA at the back of the arrowhead with the circuit inside and contact points on either side of the head would likely still be usable...

A capacitor is not necessary - it doesn't stun, no matter how much power it stores, you would end up burning or just plain blowing a chunk out of your target.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
You may want something scaled down like the guidance system of a TOW missle. Hook up the wires to a suitable taser device. Of course, finding platinum alloy wires may be hard. Or, you may be thinking more along the lines of a trebuchet to launch a heavy rock to stun the target.
eckoside (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
No, i want to basicly stack the inside of a compound bow arrow with high voltage capacitors is what i was thining

ill be using a 80lb compound bow
Kiteman5 years ago
I think a straight jolt from some capacitors would simply burn, not stun.

Maybe you could adapt this idea to run off watch cells?
eckoside (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
it does both a buddy of mine shocked a small rodent back to life with a 330v disposable camera
I strongly doubt that - it was most likely asleep, unconscious, or just playing dead, and the pain of the jolt "sparked" it into moving.

Plus, a shock is not a stun. You asked about stunning somebody - that implies incapacitation, in the manner of a taser. If you just want to shock them, and cause extra pain in addition to the arrow-strike, then your capacitor idea will work.