Stupid wasp

These stupid wees frikan stung me, only because i was trying to retrieve something that had unfortanutly fallen on thier nest. I recomend evryone here to not mess with wasp.I got stung twice one on the middle finger, and one more on my part belowmy thumb.look at the pics.

Picture of Stupid wasp
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Goodhart10 years ago
One time I braved entering our Cabin by the back door, and there was a wasp's nest on the door. A goodly number of them 10-20 found my balding head to be a wonderful way of telling me not to repeat the exercise. After the pain stopped, the itching nearly drove me bonkers.

Wasps, unlike some other bees, can sting repeatedly. Some bees lose their stinger, so they get one shot at defending their nest, then they die. Not wasps nor hornets.

But they serve many purposes: one has already been mentioned, they eat a variety of pests; some even eat spiders....I have watch this particular wasp fly down, "taste" with his little feelers my forehead to make sure I wasn't a spider, then fly on.

Many feed on the body fluids of caterpillars...
FrenchCrawler10 years ago
Been stung once by a hornet... hopefully never again, since I found out I'm allergic to them on that day.
ooooh, that's bad...
andy6010 years ago
wasps really are a pointless creature!!! i have been stung a total of 11 times, 11 times!!!!!! i am waiting to hear some excellent usage for these awful things!
wasp suck i got bet on the for head
CameronSS andy6010 years ago
What if I said that they feed on agricultural pests, and would destroy the farming industry if they ceased to exist? Note: I just said it.
cancer cure?? hmmmmmm maybe it would work somehow
fobblewabble (author) 10 years ago
This stupid wasp forum seems to be my most popular forum yet. lol. I actually got stung 3 times, the other sting thingy was like right next to one of my other ones. And Im just now figuring that out.
CameronSS10 years ago
You know, they don't sting unless provoked...Many times I have picked up a wasp, let it sit on my finger, carried it through the house and outside, and let it go. Same with bees, yellow jackets and a hornet. They only sting if you get them really ticked off. I've been stung twice in my life, once by a small sweat bee and once by a hornet, and both times I rear-ended them, once on a swing and the other on a bike.
you carried around a yellow jacket? if i come within 20 feet of thier nest, i get stung for no reason. all i have to do is walk past. my cousin grabbed a japanese hornet one time thinking it was something else, and he was like "see, it doesnt sting" and it stung him. his thumb swelled to about twice its normal size, and everyone laughed.
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