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simple, just subscribe to me, then ill subscribe to you! also, heres some of my work over the months! if you have any questions on any of them, feel free to ask!

1: bren lmg
2: grenade
3: pocket pistol
4: heavy cannon v5*
5: tape dispenser
6: ball machine
7: m1 garrand
8: vss vintorez and tiny oodammo pistol*
9: ball machine
10: nano gun*
11: halo 1 magnum
12: halo 1 assault rifle
13: ball machine
14: m16*
15: m4 s-system
16: zkar*
17: dual revolver pistol
18: ball machine
19: p90
20: zkar*
21: ball machine
22: mp5k*
23: tr18*
24: BAW*
25: ball machine
26: ball machine
27: p90
28: sr v2*
29: ball machine*
31: KLS v2*
32: ball machine
33: triple tape dispencer
34: tr8*
36: bullpup crossbow pistol
37: WASP*

the ones with stars beside them are not my ideas, although i may of modded them...

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I would really like some small amount of help from you on one of those pics. No, I have built the W.A.S.P. before, but I had to add a TR8 instead of a TR18. How did you get yours to work and to look like that? Do you have any more pictures of it for me???
Hope these help dude! :-)
Thanks a ton bro. I'll be sure to use them when I want them.
No problem at all! :-) sorry for the blur lol
Ill see what i can get, so its the ones of the semi auto 8 turret one?
Best forum topic...ever.
lol really XD
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