Subscribing To Users On Instructables?!?!?!

Here's an idea I thought of a few weeks ago: Subscribing to Users on Instructables.

It will be exactly like YouTube kind of, except you can see the New Instructables/ Slideshows/ Videos any of the users you subscribed to posted.

Picture 1) This will be on each users page. Obviously the button will not be like that, it will be like the buttons on Instructables, gray and orange words.

Picture 2) Next to Submit, it will say "Subscriptions v" (v is the little arrow), and when you hover over it, it will say New Instructables, New Slideshows, New Videos.

Picture 3) Couldn't make my own, so I used YouTube. It won't be like this, but it will be close. See the New Videos/ Instructables/ Slideshows? Click on any, and it shows any of those from any user you are subscribed to. And when you click their user name, it shows all the new stuff from them. See how right now in the picture it just shows a video? Exact same thing will be for the Instructables and Slideshows, so they won't have a video time under it unless it is a video. It shows the date it was posted, the views, the ratings, the usual.

If you have any suggestions, please comment!



Click the i in the picture to see it full size.

Picture of Subscribing To Users On Instructables?!?!?!
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I've been wishing for this feature for quite some time. There are certain people on here that I always wind up stalking... and I like convenience! :D
To quote you because I was stalking you : Stalk, stalk, stalk!! :D
GorillazMiko (author) 9 years ago
bumpus9 years ago
Awesome Mike!
You can subscribe to people!

I subscribed to you
Flumpkins9 years ago
you can subscribe to people now
Doctor What9 years ago
I've seen this feature on other sites, and it comes in handy. You "subscribe" to a member, and anytime they make something new, they send an email or let you know by other means. It is great if you are a fan of someone (like goodhart), and quietly await their instructable of their mother's potpie.
crestind9 years ago
That's a great idea! Also, the ability to organize favorites into categories would be pretty cool too!
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Good idea. I just go in recent and look at almost everythng
Brennn109 years ago
I think it is a great idea. We could have our own little RSS feeds to other users. +1 for this idea.
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