Subscription Updates Not Working

I don't know what the the problem is, but I'm not geting updates from people I'm following any more, and I haven't in several weeks. I've checked my spam folder and still can't find them, so I'm assuming that there not coming anymore. Does anybody know why? or is it a problem with my mail client?

mikeasaurus4 years ago
To stop/start getting email notifications you'll need to log into your account, and click on the settings tab, then click on email settings and manage how often you'd like to receive notifications.
mr.mountaineer (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
I checked my settings and there all good, but I'm still not getting notifications.
Are the "following" notifications working again?

This was turned off a couple weeks because it wasn't working right. I do not know what the plan is, but I'll check and see how it is going.

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