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I am not sure if this is the first, but Instuctables has been viewed using Windows 7!

For anyone not aware, the Windows 7 beta is free to download for the first 2.5 million visitors, and last I checked it was still available.

This is a link to the download site.

UPDATE: Microsoft has lifted the 2.5 million download limit and it will be available until January 24th Cnet Article

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um01239 years ago
can u switch back to vista, if you have vista already installed? if so how?
Create a partition, that way you can install both at once. Look it up on Google:
How to install windows 7 on a separate partition
Ferrite (author)  um01239 years ago
Yes, you can if you make a back up disk of your OS before you install windows 7. However, you still need to back up all of your files before you install 7, because it may delete all of them when it installs.
Like i'm gonna get another windows version after this vista thing. I'm considering making a full switch to Ubuntu.
Well,They say It is following XP's Footprints,It Is considerably lighter than Vista,And Overall I like this Over vista.
In fairness, it is much better than Vista is.
110100101109 years ago
it looks good. how is it in reality compared to xp sp2 with addons and tweaks ? (i never used vista so not familiar)

i am happy with my kde 4.1 (images 1 2) and 4.2 beta on the other computer
Well,I tried It With 400MB of RAM,It runs Pretty good,I do not recommend anything lower than 400. Compared To XP SP3 Its Pretty Good,The Speed Would be about 2/3 of XP's speed or so.
Isn't that just like kubuntu?
kubuntu uses kde too but this is not kubuntu
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