Suction cups

Does anyone have a good technique for reattaching suction cups in the shower? You know--they hold a back brush, shower cap, razor, etc. The blasted things keep falling off!

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ry259209 years ago
Wet area and apply pressure. That help?
zoo lady (author) 9 years ago
AHA! Thanks! I'll try the jelly and the tape, and if that doesn't work, I'll toss them & get HOOKS! (Glad to know others have had the problem--I've been accusing myself of "suction cup dyslexia."
. Just don't hang anything breakable on them - they will eventually let go. I've seen some inexpensive "removable permanent" stick-on hooks, but have never used them. Might be a better choice than suction cups. Check your local hardware/housewares store.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. As others have mentioned, a smooth, non-porous surface works best. I've found some petroleum jelly or glycerin (probably not the best choice in a wet environment) on the cup (a little dab'll do ya) works wonders to maintain grip.
canida9 years ago
They stick better to a clean, smooth surface, which is why glass works better than tile. However, I agree- never had much success! I prefer hooks to go over the shower door or rod, or just gluing the suction cup up. ;)
tech-king9 years ago
1) if possible, attach them to glass like sliding doors, NOT TILES 2) moisten them before sticking