Sugar Cane Juicer

Well I just came back from a vacation in Vietnam and I saw that there were these machines that squeezed the juice from sugar cane, creating a very tasty drink might I add. Well I looked up how much one of these machines would cost and I found out that they are particularly pricey and unaffordable to the average Joe. So my burning question is "How do you make a inexpensive sugar cane juicer?" P.S. On another topic, "How do you grow sugar cane?" would be a good follow up to my burniing question.

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we are dealing in this machine (máy ép mía). If you want to buy, then we'll move along to your aircraft

Flumpkins9 years ago
What does sugar cane juice taste like?
Incelism (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
Hard to describe. Kinda like mango/peach sorta.
Mmmmm!!! I love mango/peach mix stuff.
Rishnai9 years ago
Another idea that wouldn't result in having a badass centrifuge laying around is to build a press. You'll need a metal frame (wood isn't strong enough), and a bottle jack. These can be had at any auto parts store, but the frame might be a custom fab. Alternatively, you can buy a 12-ton press from Harbor Freight for $120. Anyway, put your sugarcane in and squish. Perhaps between two sturdy metal plates, with a catchbasin underneath. Or centrifuge, then press the dregs!
Incelism (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
These are all great ideas that I will probably use, but I was hoping for something alot more portable. I intend to use it at a school fundrasing event and fresh cane juice might attract some profit. any advice?
Car bottle-jacks are only a few inches tall.

Make a strong metal frame in the school workshops, and you're sorted. It will be heavy, but you only have to move it across school.
Rishnai Kiteman9 years ago
Unfortunately, many schools no longer have a metalshop, and even woodshops are going out of style here in Denver. It's absolutely perverse.
Kiteman Rishnai9 years ago
It's the same over here - the high schools have woodwork and metalwork facilities, but the kids all want to do graphic design.

My father-in-law has been an engineer of one sort or another all his working life. He is now the technician in a high-school "shop" department, and he has to show the teachers how to use the power tools.

My boys got to play in the woodwork shop.
Rishnai Kiteman9 years ago
At the junior high I went to, the woodshop teacher (I had to raise hell to get that class, too... they watned to stick me in graphic design!) was really knowlegable, but when he was sick, there was literally no sub in the district who knew how to work a power tool. We spent those days watching New Yankee Workshop. In the immortal words of one sub, "What's that table... with the saw in it?"
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