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Ok so I have no ideas on a gun to build i will build nearly any gun just post a coment saying what guns you want built and ill give them a shot but if possible try think of guns that have not been done before if possible   

so yeah thanks cant wait to hear some of the uns you want =)

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rec0n7 years ago


knexjay7 years ago
out of every gun i would have to sayyyyyyy F2000 or the AUG HBAR
I made both :P
The AUG HBAR (another name is the steyr aug)
cool thanks
maybe barret 50 cal.
knex mad (author)  Joseph Mendoza7 years ago
ive made the m107 sniper rifle
Here is the link he should have posted:
knex mad (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
ok thanks i thoughti posted a link it must not have worked thanks again
travw7 years ago
GAU-19 or whatever that is. Huge scary gatling gun in Uncharted 2. *Ugh, scary.*
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