Suggestions for Site Improvement?

Where might I best submit suggestions, beg for features, etc?

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I suggest that if an instructable has a website in it, then it automatically needs to be flagged for review. that way all this spam wouldn't go through and hog up my rss feed :)
I don't know the exact triggers for the filters, but my observations are that the presence of links does help trigger them (I've been caught like that).

rimar20004 years ago
Another suggestion: to order the searches results by time.
rimar20004 years ago
Instructables is –since 2006 when I discovered it– probably the best managed site I know. So, please don't do waves...

Maybe a good initiative could be to add an advice to new posts: "Please add some captions to videos". This is for we the non anglophone, that can read English but no hear it.

Can the display be reworked to show more than 14 per page? There are So many good ideas it is hard to find because page by page by page etc. Change to show maybe 30 or even 50 per page?? Thanks to all for the great ideas and great works!
when exploring the index, look under the last row of displayed Instructables, on the left hand side there is a drop down that will let you set how many projects you see per page.
Danjor5 years ago
I can't ask questions using my iPad 2 and there are some other problems with the site as well for my iPad.
iphillips35 years ago
I'm having a problem with login.
I'm using the facebook login.
Before clicking the link I have to login to facebook and then close the facebook window otherwise your login returns an error.
sid19785 years ago

I cant really post my comments please help it says enter two words but I cant see those words
Usually when I'm done reading all the featured 'ibles, I go to random instructables. But they are so random :c, there are so many instructables that are not so great. Maybe a random featured button category will work.
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