Suggestions for making instructables better is an awesome site, but its still young and could still use some improvements. Post your ideas here Mine: -Add something showing progress while you upload photos. -Make the new editor default

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bwpatton18 years ago
Definatley a TOOLBAR now that would be cool!
What would you have on the toolbar?
IDK a search bar, favorite instructables,a "create" button, etc..
110100101108 years ago
option to write instructables as .txt files with tags and then upload a zip of all txts and images that make the instructable. then the site processes the txts to a real instructable with the aid of the tags that'd be like offline editor but you can use whatever editor you want
110100101108 years ago
have less smart wysiwyg. it breaks in some browsers just cause they are not firefox or dont support some minor feaure make instructables work better without flash : slideshows can be made in normal web pages like any web gallery. videos can be made downloadable in a format that opens without flash player (like mp4 flv etc) or be embedded in a format other than flash when submitting a video instructable - add option to embed directly mp4 avi and the like from an external location and not only give choice of sites that convert it to flash (i for example dont use flash / gnash / etc. they are just so bloated ! i dont want to have them make my browser crawl)
guyfrom7up9 years ago
-old rating system -online now indicator -a real instructables chatroom, not where you can impersonate -instructables for iphone *looking down* actually, everything skate6566 says
Yea, I agree on the old rating system thing, It was in a way unique and much better... And the Instructables chatroom is a great idea, a real one!!!
i must concur with guyfrom7up's ideas.
- nah - what would that do? - yes... I was impersonated - good idea
How do you even know what the old rating system is?
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