Suggestions for what should be in my store

I will be opening an electronic kit store (and specialized cnc work, depending on what you want) and I'm just getting stuff prepared, such as PCB templates, etc. If you would like to see somthing in my store please suggest it now, everything will be very cheap, here are some of the things I'm working along with estimate price (I'll have a fixed one later, this is just what it'll be around). THESE WILL ALL BE KITS, LIST WILL BE UPDATED TO SHOW DIFFERENT PROGRESSES Custom PCB - 1 dollar initial, 50 cents per square inch Various breadboard mini power supplies - 1 to 2 dollars, somewhere around there 5 VOLT POWER SUPPLY DESIGN IS DONE WORKING ON VARIABLE, 3.3, 12 Dream Machine - Induces Lucid Dreaming by flashing LEDs through your eyelid throughout the night to help you realize your dreaming without waking up. $3 1/2 DONE CR2032 batteries - like 50 cents a piece, some of my uController kits use these DONE Joule Thief - Some people have trouble with this, so here's a kit ~1 dollar Dip Converter - like 50 cents, solder on SMD IC's so that you can use it with DIP sockets and/or breadboards Pulse LED Musik - I did have an instructable on this, but I think it should be properly done, no definite price yet. MAYBE THINGS Mini Cnc machine, mill your own small (like 4"x4") board at home! 60-100 dollars Fm transmitter for MP3 players More universal TV-B-Gone clone kit (better for mods) Magnetic levitator, that's a big maybe Homebrew Ipod accesories Universal uController Programmer little bread board volt meter little breadboard amp meter BB jumper wire and templates for jumper wire So, any suggestions? CONSIDERED INSTRUCTIONS BY INSTRUCTBLONIANS... UHHH PEOPLE From Tech-King Cables and Cords and plugs Custom plexiglass etching/engraving Project Boxes (I might buy from a big supplier at a discount and pass on the savings! Or eventually make them) Soldering kit HAM products

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guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
my cnc machine is on the brink of failure, nothing's square and even (I swear, I measured like 5 times before, during, and after welding, and all of a sudden it's not square). The school year is almost over, which means I have less access to nice expensive tools. To compensate for the square and even part I'm just gunna make everything relative to the first steppermotor I put down.
Is the thing up yet or still in the works?
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Online or a real store? Because I really want to get the stuff for a joule theif, but if it's benefitting a fellow Instructabler that would be even better than helping the Shack.
guyfrom7up (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
it'd be online It should be open when schools over (summer break) if all goes well.
Awesome! You'll have to Post a link when it's up.
guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
Tech king:
I will try and do plexiglass, it's just a hard to find at a local shop, if you can find me a cheap online distrubter (I'm looking) then I'd be glad to do something like that.
T-shirts... maybe later, but I doubt it.
I might do cases/project boxes once I get enough profit to build more machines, here's some of my list:
vaccum former
automatic uController programmer
furnace for melting aluminum
power cords/plugs is a probably

The name for my store isn't set in stone yet, so suggestions are welcome!

Soldering kit, probably I will add that later on when I have enough profit to invest further.

365pf capacitor, I'll look into, so is that part in big demand? I might even be able to manufacture them to offer really cheap prices for it.

I have next to no knowledge on HAM stuff, so i will look into that.

I will look into breadboards, but once again since those types of products are more expensive I'd have to wait for enough profit.
plexiglass: you can buy acrylic plastic for about 16$ for 4 square feet at a hardeware store. 365 pf- decent demand amongst hame radio fans. very hard to get. i doubt you can make one though. most links are totally useless, so if you want ham stuff, youll need my help. i would re-consider the furnace. you would run into fire code problems, and the results would be somewhat finicky.
i forgot: FUSES!!!!!
guyfrom7up (author)  tech-king9 years ago
oh, you put them down. I go to a surplus place once in a while where a bunch of them are like a nickle, I'll see. so plexi glass, a dolar per square foot? At the surplus place there's clear plastic, but I don't know if it's plexiglass
ive seen it 16$ for 4 square feet. buy generic rigid plastic or acrylic. lexan will not etch (has some cool properties though), lucite is a waste of money too unless you need the extra scratch proofing.
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