Sugru Contest!

Hey folks! Here's one we've really been looking forward to. 

The Sugru Contest is set for  9/13 - 10/3! 

To enter make an Instructable using Sugru, simple as that or as complex and interesting as you like! 

Check out the Sugru website if you need to get some for the contest! 

Picture of Sugru Contest!
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jeff-o7 years ago
Hmmm, I must get started, then! Still working on my last entry to the LED contest, though...
I'm still working on the flashlight contest entry and that contest had long since ended... I think I'm going to convert it to Led though :)
Well, I'm still working on something that was originally intended for last Christmas' gift contest!
Kiteman7 years ago
I have to wait ten whole days to publish??
Jayefuu Kiteman7 years ago
I just couldn't wait :D Fingers crossed they'll take pity on my and allow back dated entries since there'll be so few.
They're probably sitting there chuckling to themselves and thinking "We were going to allow backdated entries, but since Jayefuu published his early we won't allow them, just to spite him."
Nah they'll probably go with the "International entries allowed except UK" just to mess with Kiteman and Jayefuu :D
Hehe that'd be even better :D
Yes, yes you do. And the wait will do you good, get that ol' blood pressure up and running so you know you're alive. Oh, and if you happen to have an aneurysm first, could I have your prize?
Ach, I've already had the blasted thing written and ready to go for a week now...

(Chews slowly through edge of desk)
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