Sugru sellers

So has anyone else noticed that Radio Shack has now started selling sugru. Now it can be purchased locally. Woot.

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I had a look around on the lower part of the globe and gave up on Sugru entirely for now.

Thought it would be great stuff for some minor repairs or fun projects but it just driving the price up far too much.

The cheapest I could find here was a pack of four 8g satchels, costing around 25$ AU :(

For me this means either use it for emergencies only or to seek alternatives.

The stuff might bee too fancy and too much in demand at this stage and hopefully become more affordable in the future.

For most repairs I reverted back to self vulcanizing silicone tape, once cured it really seals but is only for wrapping :(

Would be a nice challenge to develope a home made sugru alternative that everyone can mix for cheap... !?

Instructables had some sample packs way back when Sugru sponsored a contest. It can get costly depending on what you need. I don't know if they figured out how to extend the shelf life of it before it cures in the pack. But have a look at ooglo

I did some stuff with silicone using corn starch as well as "underwater curing" but it is not really suitable for all my needs.

For example elctronics, unless you paint everything before using silicone the acedic acid will corrode parts, especially the steel wires on LED's.

It also does not really stick properly to a lot of materials, although not an issue with most things it can get annoying when covering tool handles for example.

Now I mainly use the silicone starch mix for mould making or basic stuff like door stoppers.

CJA3D3 years ago

Yes! just bought a couple of packs today at my local Radio Shack

caitlinsdad3 years ago

You have to look past the batteries, cellphones and toys. It's going to be a tough road to reestablish themselves as a maker go-to place.

Um. It's going to be a tough road to reestablish themselves. Period.

When I was twelve, I went to my local RS and wrote code for their demo TRS-80s (yeah, I'm old....). The transition to consumer electronics sucked, and they clearly couldn't compete with Best Buy. Whether they'll survive the transition back to a Maker niche isn't clear at all. I sure hope so, but when they can't even get funding to close their stores....

when I was twelve, I went with my brother to the local RS to help him test out tubes for our family's new secondhand color TV (dang, I may be older than you...) It was fun to test out a bag of tubes to see which one was bad and needed to be replaced. Heathkit and ham radio was the in thing at the time. Video killed the Radio Shack.

I remember when RS had the tube-tester station. When I was younger, my parents bought me the old RS electronics "kit" (like <A HREF=">this one</A>), with the spring connectors for wires.

I don't think video "killed" RS -- it just pushed them into a different market, where they really couldn't compete. Fry's is still around, but they've also been pushed into selling video games, and kitchen appliances, and other stuff... :-(