Summer School of Making 2014

Hello Instructables community!

Welcome at the Summer School of Making in Kortrijk, Belgium, at the end of this summer.
More info on www.summerschoolofmaking.be

A little glimpse of the speakers:
- Clay modeling by Stefan Kiefer who worked for the biggest Cardesign Studios like Audi, MINI, Opel, Renault, KIA, SEAT and so on.
- Wood turning by the Flemish Guild of Wood Turners
- Cooking materials to design by Laurence Humier. Laurence lives in Italy, but she is a Belgian designer, her design projects are shown in MoMA NY)
- Model storming by the Innovation company CREAX (designer Thomas Valcke) and Decathlon's Design Studio Oxylane.
- Packaging techniques by MIUN - Mid Sweden University - they have a specialisation in packaging techniques
- Design and print your own fonts from A to Z - Topocopy lab (Ghent)
- Smart Textiles by TIO3 lab.
and so on.

Hope this is a teaser for you to consider a trip to Belgium!


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Kiteman1 year ago

If only...

bverthe (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Hi Kiteman, what do you mean?

If only I could get there...

NSCAP_CBC1 year ago

Sounds awesome!