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gmjhowe9 years ago
*cough* safari *cough*
I like firefox better! Firefox has a cute fox!
true, but safari works...
n8man gmjhowe9 years ago
firefox is better
gmjhowe n8man9 years ago
ok, i respect your opinion

but it is wrong

n8man gmjhowe9 years ago
I was a die hard IE fan until I tried FF and I never went back, ever.
gmjhowe n8man9 years ago
I was a IE DIE PLEASE DIE fan, for a long time. Now i just ignore its existance. I have never actually used IE as my main browser, i went straight from netscape to ff to opera, safari, then to camino, but then back to safari, as it is so much better now. Especially since they hit version 3.
I'm an "IE DIE PLEASE DIE" person because I hate doing JS around all its idosyncracies. USE STANDARDS PLZKTHXBAI!
n8man gmjhowe9 years ago
I have used safari before and personally I thought it stunk. Have you even used Firefox?
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