Super Mario theme played on bottles with RC car

The Super Mario theme keeps on truckin' through pop culture with this version done on empty bottles that are struck by an RC car.

Also check the Rollerblade style this guy does

via BoingBoing

Picture of Super Mario theme played on bottles with RC car
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jmanc49 years ago
Sweet! I Loved them both! What was it that was hitting the bottles?
yet another week wasted.. but really, this is amazing..
Hallo_katz9 years ago
Amazing in so many ways...
mrbox9 years ago
WHAT IS THAT AWESOMENESS???? Simpley amazing
someone should right an ibble on how to do that
robots1999 years ago
wow that is truly amazing. the rollerblader 1 did not match the topic though
fungus amungus (author)  robots1999 years ago
Depends on what you think the topic is.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Sweet! Maybe we could do a full sized one