Super Pants

I and my friend are trying to make super pants. They will be waterproof, flameproof, and bulletproof. We are going to sew a climbing harness, shin guards, and kneepads into them. The pants will be made out of Nomax with Kevlar in certain areas. Where can I get Nomax and Kevlar in semi-small quantities, and how can I waterproof them in a way that won't be burned off?

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trialex10 years ago
Kevlar isn't hard to find at composite manufacturers, but be warned it is a MAJOR pain in the arse to work with. It separates, fuzzes, and is a general hazard
Brennn10 trialex10 years ago
Yea, I had a kevlar lacrosse shaft that split when I was throwing a poke check. I had to go to the hospital for horrible splinters. Be careful!
lemonie10 years ago
Just in case some crazy-person hopsepipes / torches / shoots you in the shorts?
dogsrcool2me (author)  lemonie10 years ago
don't forget kick in the shins. thats important too.
Just buy a fire fighters suit, and put the kevlar in plastic bags inside the suit!