"Super-magnet ramp" is world's best visual illusion

The video below was awarded Best Illusion of the Year at this year's Vision Sciences Society meeting.  I originally saw this posted in Nature News:

In a packed concert hall, Kokichi Sugihara wields a pickaxe and mimes a blow to the stage. "I am a miner, and I have a secret," Sugihara says, adjusting his hard hat and headlamp. "I have discovered a new super-magnet."

A screen behind Sugihara begins playing a video. A cardboard structure appears, consisting of four ramps ascending to a raised platform. A hand places a wooden ball at the base of a ramp, and it rolls uphill, before stopping on the 'super-magnetized' platform. As the same trick is repeated for the other three ramps, the crowd lets out an "ooh".

Thanks to Kiteman, here's the author's own Web site: http://home.mims.meiji.ac.jp/~sugihara/hobby/hobbye.html

Image and video from Koichi Sugihara, Meiji University.

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Dr. Steel7 years ago
Whoa, that is effing trippy.
slithien7 years ago
fozzy137 years ago
So cool!! Good post
zascecs7 years ago
Best illusion I've seen yet... 
That is cool!!!
There's a place in my country, where you see an up hill road in the mountain and if you just drop a ball it will start rolling up the hill. Like this here it's an illusion because actually it’s a down hill... nature can be an illusionist too :-)
A natural anamorph (that's the word in English for this kind of illusion)?  That sounds really amazing!  Is it located anywhere near where you live?  Do you know of any pictures or videos of it?
I have tried to find pictures for you but as you said only text no photos, even in articles in my language there was no pictures sorry.
That place is far from where I live its about 3 hours drive to go there.
I will do some more search and if I find any photos I will send them to you.
No apologies necessary, thank you so much for searching!  It's a very interesting phenomenon, and realy amusing (to a physicist like me :-), when people assign some mystical significance to it.
 I manage to find two pictures of the same phenomenon but these are in Los Banos - Philippines 
Sorry but again I cannot upload images with my reply so here is the link.
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