Super soaker flame thrower

I know that if u put gasoline or alcohal in a super soaker, and attach a lighter to the front u can use it as a flame thrower, i heard u need a metal nosel through

Dose any one have any pics or any thing of how do do this?


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dsuperville5 years ago
here is an animated gif of us using a super soaker with gasoline:

one person held the gun, pumped it, and squeezed the trigger. another person held a lit candle in front of the gun. it took about 15 minutes for the gasoline to melt through the plastic and pour over our hands. that's why we bought 4 guns! lol

unfortunately, super soakers do not let you pump up the pressure anymore. as soon as you pump it, it 'fires'.
i make shooting things (author) 10 years ago
So this would be a realy bad idea to try... maybe i could rig a servo up to it so i just pump it up walk away push the button and watch it shoot fire then exsplode or w.e happens when its outa presser-gass-working parts.
part of the problem is getting the plastic to last long enough to pump up.
i make shooting things (author)  jtobako10 years ago
mabe a thick ziplock bag with the little tube that normaly sucks up water leading into the bag or a similar system...
if a super soaker had a water pump, this would make it safer-but not by much. get away from the idea that pre-made plastic items are going to be safe. at best, you need an auto store or junkyard for gas-safe plastics. remember-if you can get wet using it, you might as well be dead.
A) The plastic you are looking for is called "HDPE" (plastic gas cans)
B) Super-Soakers are commonly made from "PETE" and "LDPE".
C) Neither are particularly vulnerable to gasoline as they are to acetone.
D) Flame cannot possibly even get sucked into a nozzle that small.
E) Learn your plastics:
F) Making a watergun shoot flammables is never safe anyway, so don't even try it unless you are going for the Darwin Award!
soz for double post but had to say: if i poured sulphuric acid on you, would you say "oh well at least it isent nitric acit whitch would eat away my skin much faster" or: oh shit i'm gona die if i dont get this of me quick!
lemonie PYROFREAK10 years ago
I'd much rather nitric acid over sulphuric acid. Concentrated sulphuric acid does nasty things to orgainic material, concentrated nitric gives you time to wash it off before any grave damage is done. L
asuming the same molarity and that you'r not wearing clothes, both are equaly corosive when at the same acidity (sulphuric is diprotic) although it also dehydrates the skin on contact, turning it a browney black and halting its progress.
this is why i would prefer nitric, although nitric mixed with sulphuric would be much beter as it wouldn't get as hot. and would form the same protective layer.
Not sure what you mean by this post, but there is such a thing as "quench-space" for any form of combustion, this is why too high a compression ration in an engine can cause it to be nothing mroe than an air pump. Gasoline is not an acid, it is an alkali....
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