Support Kiteman from the Comfort of your home and help him win $100! No Purchase or donation needed!!!!

Our dear Kiteman has entered a recent NASA TechBriefs Competition

While sadly, he can't win the $20,000 grand prize, you can help him win $100!

No purchase or donation needed!!!!!!

There is currently a prize fr pageviews, and Kiteman is 5th place, with only 207 pageviews!

Surely, we can help him climb the ranks.

ALL you need to do, to help our friend win some money:

---Click here---

to view his entry, and that's it! You just helped him!

  • If you have more than one computer, visit from all of those!
  • Tell your friends to go to the page! Just to go there, nothing else!!!!

UPDATE- 06/22/08 He's 4th now!

UPDATE- 06/23/08- He's 3rd overall and first in his category! If we keep this up, he can win An HP xw4600 Workstation!!! Tell everyone to go to that page!!!

Picture of Support Kiteman from the Comfort of your home and help him win $100!  No Purchase or donation needed!!!!
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Kiteman9 years ago
Thanks for all your support - the contest has now closed to entries (although they may still be counting page views?), and both entries have scored views in the top 10% of entries.

I don't know how detailed or exhaustive the judging will be - winners will not be notified for at least another 21/2 months!

>fingers crossed<

Thor's Shotgun
Cuttlefish Drive
Keith-Kid (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I'm sorry I didn't do as much as I could....but here's to hoping you good luck.... *riiight, here*
Hey, you did loads! I emailed the organisers to ask about the page-views, and they were very careful to remind me that page-views would not influence the judges' decisions. No idea why it takes ten weeks, though...
Keith-Kid (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
But there was still a prize for pageviews, that's what I was aiming for.

I can't do anything about the want me to....*wink,wink*
Ha, I believe there are over thirty of them...
Good luck! May the Flying Spaghetti Monster layeth the Noodle of Perception upon the judges...
Er, yes, I think...
And the Noodle of Fortune upon thine balding noodle...
Right... Anyhoo, I've just found out that they are counting page-views all the way until the end of December.
Sounds good; Oh Great and Powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster, may you in your infinite wisdom turn all Rick Roll links into Kiteman entry links with a mere wave of your Incredible Noodly Appendage. In Pirates name, Ramen!
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