Support Star by buying a t-shirt

Star needs help covering her court fees for the "hoax device" that she was wearing. You can either send her money by paypal directly or you can buy a shirt and $5 of the proceeds will go to Star.

If your order is over $15, you can get $5 off by using this coupon: SPREADSHIRT3000

Since the lightweight shirts are cheaper, I bumped the price up a bit so you could use the coupon for one shirt. You save money and another $1 goes to Star.

Let me know if there are other shirt styles that you want. Or you can design your own shirt by clicking the "Create and Sell a t-shirt with this design" button. Be aware that it may not look so hot on a colored shirt since it's a digital transfer.

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Goodhart10 years ago
Darn, and my subscription to 2600 is running out this paycheck too....I am still hoping for a windfall somewhere LOL
Still working on saving for it (now you know how strapped I am LOL)
fallen7889 years ago
well the person at the top have nice t-shirt

[url=][b]monet oil reproductions[/b][/url]
GOT MINE IN THE MAIL 2 DAYS AGO! Here's a pic of the happy customer! ;)
its a lion10 years ago
need $15... must have one. next week looking for a job so hopefully soon.
westfw10 years ago
Print your own "Star Device" ? Or with a catchy slogan? (print on "dark background" T-shirt paper, I think. Is that an option for the spreadshirt folk?) (consider the pictures donated to the cause...)
westfw westfw10 years ago
oops. I guess it needs "files."
Goodhart westfw10 years ago
fungus amungus (author)  westfw10 years ago
Cool stuff. Printing on a dark background is a little complicated. Since it's a digital transfer there is a limit to how thin any piece of the design can be. Everything has to be at least .06 inches thick. And even then there might be a white border. They're still working out the kinks.
Yeah--there is a difference between white and transparent. You could make the background transparent, and keep the white lettering. Or add a stroke (outline) color on the letters, so they print on a light or a dark shirt...
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