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One of my favorite projects on the site, the Eyewriter, is in the running to win $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest. If they win, they plan to use the money to make and distribute 1,000 units of the device, as well as develop a better user interface. Should they win, it would be a great opportunity to empower paralyzed individuals to express themselves creatively and live more fully.

There is about two weeks left to show your support by casting your vote. The project is currently in 40th place and voting ends August 31st. They can use all the support they can get. Let's help get them to #1!

You can cast your vote here.

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dombeef7 years ago
And this should be featured, That would get more votes
randofo (author)  dombeef7 years ago
done and done
dombeef randofo7 years ago
I dont see it being featured?
randofo (author)  dombeef7 years ago
It is on the Category page
dombeef randofo7 years ago
Oh ok
kidmosey7 years ago
my captcha words for voting: (in)validity imeack

just thought it was interesting.
Voted and reposted on blog.
dombeef7 years ago
V-Man7377 years ago
I voted. This thing rocks!
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