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Is anyone else experiencing problems contacting the Instructables support team via email?

I have tried to email them via different channels three times now but it comes back as non-existent email address.... ironically the reason I'm trying to email support in the first place is because despite changing my contact to a new email address in my personal settings, emails are still being sent to my old email address.

If anyone knows how to get through to support or if they are having the same issue maybe we can join forces to resolve it..?


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mikeasaurus4 years ago  or
KAMPERKEN95 months ago

cannot verify my account,keeps coming error try later,3 days later still not happening,look into this please

Looking at your account it looks like there are a couple pieces of information missing. Can you please send our support team an email at They will be able to sort out your account. Be sure to include your username.

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

LaquonR1 year ago

I would like to cancel my membership. How do I go about doing so?


Hi seamster,

Editors pick has no links again, sent the mail to my wife's account and the same with her I am running windows 10 that I installed yesterday and I have outlook, she is running windows 7 and is using online gmail and yahoo accounts and I have the same reaction on both those accounts.

give me a shout if you need any further info for trouble shooting I will help where I can.




I'll pass this info along to our team of developers. Thank you so much, again.

Hi Seamster.

I am using microsoft outlook, usualy when you hover over the picture there is a HTTP text link that appears and says click to follow now nothing, this it seams is only non functional in the editors pick.

Hope this helps.

I'll pass this info on to the correct parties to investigate!

Thanks again for the heads up :)

Hi Seamster,

Glad to help, its always a pleasure to read allot of the instructables.




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