Support contact problems


Is anyone else experiencing problems contacting the Instructables support team via email?

I have tried to email them via different channels three times now but it comes back as non-existent email address.... ironically the reason I'm trying to email support in the first place is because despite changing my contact to a new email address in my personal settings, emails are still being sent to my old email address.

If anyone knows how to get through to support or if they are having the same issue maybe we can join forces to resolve it..?


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mikeasaurus2 years ago
service@instructables.com  or  support@instructables.com
madasmars1 month ago

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem! I changed my email address some time ago and recently I tried to update it with Instructables, but I kept getting a negative message saying that the new email address is already in use! What now?

That means that somebody has, at some point, opened an account using that email.

This is the sort of confusion that is best sorted by emailing service@instructables.com with as much detail as you can.

T BOT4 months ago

How to change username in instructables

Moem T BOT4 months ago

Send an email to service@instructables.com and they'll change it for you.

or there is a change username box at the bottom of the settings page

Oh? I don't have that. Can you show us where it is, in a screenshot or something?

here it is


Ah, thanks. I may not have that because I already changed it once.

clowdus36 months ago

i have been trying to get support for pro membership. payed money cant download pdf Whats the problem forgot username and password e-mail clowdus3@comcast.net

Kiteman clowdus36 months ago

Best not to post your email on a public forum. Check the money has left your account, and email evidence to service@instructables.com from the email account you used to create your instructables account.

Yes....Even though I verified my account I cannot access any features. I will delete this account asap.

Which features are causing a problem?

I have a subscription to Instructables and have not receives the regular announcements for over a month. I had a computer problem followed by an update, how do I make sure this account gets reconnected?

woodman671 year ago

I would like to unsubscribe from insructables at this time,Thanks

Contact service@instructables.com, and they will sort you out.

J1mwalker2 years ago
Be nice and tell me how to locate my downloads so that I can print them out and work on the project?
You do not have a phone number or e-mail address listed.
When logged in, go to your You page and click the download tab to see the projects that you have already downloaded. Once downloaded you can find the PDF's in your computer where you save files from the Internet, typically a /downloads directory.
Kiteman2 years ago
The correct address is service@instructables.com. Is that the one you tried?
PabloDee (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thanks Kiteman,

I'll give it a go - I was using support@instructables.com, which is what's listed on the main website.

I'll keep you posted...

Sorry about the confusion. Can you point me to where you saw that email address?
PabloDee (author)  ewilhelm2 years ago
Hey there,

Yes no problem... I have attached a screenshot of the page. The page is accessed via the main home page, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, on the right there is a link that says support (in gray), click on that and it takes you to the page - here also is the page link.


I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.....?

Thanks for your support.


Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 21.59.43.png
Eric, it's on the Contact page.