Surface Mount LEDs

I need almost 200 SMLEDs for a project. However, I only want 6 colors of 36 each. If anyone wants to buy the extra 300, or something like that, please make an offer. I will get 6 from this list, but I need them all to look different enough: White Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Green Blue Green Blue UV Or, if anyone knows a place where I can buy them in small quantities, please let me know :-)

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chuckr4410 years ago
Have you tried I don't think carries surface mount, but you might try them.
zachninme (author)  chuckr4410 years ago
lsidiodes only has bulk :-(
erckgillis10 years ago
dude, no prob...

Easy as many of these will sell SMT LEDs usually in qty of 1 10 100 1000 or reels of 3000. If you solder by hand use type 1206 others are small to work with.
zachninme (author)  erckgillis10 years ago
Thanks for the source!
westfw11 years ago
What size SMT LED? I bet you could buy a bunch of one of the rarer colors and trade them for the more common colors.... (Hmm. I don't know that I've seen SMT LEDs in true green or blue green; are you sure you have a source for those?) You can also consider making your own colored LEDs using the UV as a base, with assorted fluorescent paints...
zachninme (author)  westfw11 years ago
Yes, I have a source for them. And I really don't mind what colors they are, as long as I get 6 different colors. I don't care about the size much, as long as they are relativity small. I would pick based on my customer or whatever :-)
zachninme (author) 11 years ago
Or, If anyone wants to buy 6 rolls of 3,000-4,000 minus the said 40 from each, or the other way around, that may be better/worse. :-D