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I'm writing a Web Site Evaluation Paper for freshman English.   Obviously I could think of a better website to evaluate.  I would love to get some feedback from random authors and forum onlookers.  Please feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you would like.  I need info/ DATA to satisfy my professor.  Also I intend to make a larger Instructable about writing this paper.  

1. How often do you frequent Instructables?
2. When you come here, are you looking for something specific or just browsing for cool stuff?  What other reasons might bring you here?
3. Do you author @ Instructables?  If so, Why?
4. What is your absolute favorite Instructable?
5. What has been your experience with the service, employees and other users if this site?
6. If anything, what would you like to see different around here?
7. Have you won any contests?
8. Any other thoughts you like to share?

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blkhawk4 years ago
  1. Every day!
  2. I come to Instructables to learn new things and to share what I know.
  3. I have authored some Instructables, and I am currently working on a new one.
  4. I like the Instructables that are practical for every day use.
  5. They have been very polite and helpful.
  6. Everything has been fine so far.
  7. I have not won any contests.
  8. I am addicted to Instructables!
Grissini (author)  blkhawk4 years ago
awesome answers, thanks.
WhiteTech4 years ago
1. I write when I can, or have something neat
2. Depends, I come here daily to see what's new, and look for something specific when I need it
4. All of them ;)
5. Great, tones of knowledgeable people!
6. Not much, I'd like to see Pro membership do more, Im actually not sure what it does now, everyone can view all steps and download PDFs
7. Yep, Ive won one contest, Schoochmaroo Stay Warm. Got a super nice blanket out of it! And of course the Instructable stuff, T-Shirt, Badge, ect...
Grissini (author)  WhiteTech4 years ago
Thanks for chiming in WhiteTech. Hope you are staying nice and warm out there. There used to be a greater difference between pro and non, but after Autodesk took over, they've been ending that.  For good reasons I'm sure.  

Sponsor Break:  this post is brought to you by http://www.betabrand.com/ . I don't know about WhiteTech.  I thought I owned enough candles and blankets for several lifetimes.  Quantity can never make up for Quality.  The Vagisoft™ blanket could have also been called Vagiwarm.  It's Fing amazing.  I cuddle with this thing everyday.   It's awesomeness is no surprise when you troll through the other offerings of betabrands; sideways corduroy, Disco babies, and Dress Sweats™.     This is one sponsor I'd love to see for an encore challenge.  

I'd love another Betabrand contest, That blanket is my favorite now, good things it machine washable! A bit too full a mug of hot chocolate tends not to stay in the cup! and nice and warm for up here in Canada, actually the city where Redbull Natural Selection is being held as we speak! Super busy around this tiny town all of a sudden.

I'd love one of those sheep sweaters or Jaflannel Jackets... or one you those bags they have...
canida4 years ago
1. Daily
2. I'm usually browsing, occasionally posting, and of course visiting for work. :)
3. Yes! Because that's where I store my brain, recipes, and other fun stuff.
4. How to Cat
5. Good, basically. Though Randy accumulates lots of cruft.
6. I have a long list of features I'd like. :)
7. No, I'm not allowed.
8. I like bacon.
Grissini (author)  canida4 years ago
Sweet, thanks canida. I'd love to know a few of the obvious features you'd like to see?  LMAO @ Randy's cruft. I'm so bad at that too. Just comment it out. 
/*  Because I might need this later.   */
The one feature I'd like to see is an easier way to add arduino code with formatting in place. 
ilpug4 years ago
Good idea, but I think you are going about gathering your information in the wrong way. The first thing I learned in statistics was that a voluntary sample is biased, and therefore not very reliable. Possibly you could ask an employee of Ible's about for some info concerning visitors, total number of accounts, total posts, that kind of thing. With those raw numbers directly from the site administrators you could get a good data set.

Self-selection ftl.
For The Lose
Grissini (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
I'm not really looking for data. I'm looking for quotable sentences. Knowing the demographics and stats of total readership doesn't actually help me in this instance. I love the suggestions though. Biased sample is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm writing a Positive Evaluation of Instructables. If you'd like to answer my survey question with words and sentences of Praise, that'll be real helpful. This isn't science or statistics. This is freshman English. I'll be sure to include the heavily biased nature of my interviewees.
monsterlego4 years ago
1. I make instructables about two or three times a month.
2.I mostly browse (that's usually how i find stuff)
4.Gummy bear surgery
6. Contests finishing on time (i can understand why it might take a while though)
7. nope, but i have high hopes for the valentines day challenge!
8. My favorite web-site, great stuff!
Your answer to question 1 belongs to question 3, when Grissini uses "frequent" he means "How frequently do you visit the site?".

ahh, i get it.
Grissini (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
Awesome, thanks monsterlego. I really liked the shiny wallet you made a while back. And you've got my vote for the Valentines day challenge. Keep up the awesomeness!
Thank you!
lemonie4 years ago
It's not random. The few people who answer your questions will belong to a really small subset.
Have you been here?

Grissini (author)  lemonie4 years ago
not so small. And I had seen that before. But thank you anyway. What I'm, really looking for is the WHY's. And that quantcast data doesn't tell me whether YOU are here every day or not.
And it's kinda random because I would have never thought to ask mosterlego. I do plan to send a questionnaire to Phil B and Kiteman(That's not random but intended) . You crossed my mind as well(I'm sending you one now too). :)

It's for a 111 class @ community college. I'm not writing a doctoral thesis. But I do want to write a decent paper, or at least make it good enough to publish an instructable about the subject. The one chuck of data I'd love to get that I don't know how to obtain, aside from finding or creating the individuals is: People who see Instructables.com and have no interest in such things(if such people even exist.)
You could just answer the silly Fing questions... Like WHY do you author so much. Is it for prizes? Perceived self-aggrandized awesomeness? To share the awesome things you've made because you believe in giving back?
I know I've made things just to share them. Ok and also to win prizes. But I know about me.
I don't know too well, the question reads more like an interview. It's quite personal, and I don't have simple answers.

Grissini (author)  lemonie4 years ago
complex answers are exactly what I'm looking for......;) this thread about the attributes of "randomness" is enough material for a paragraph about members awesomeness.
One could write an entire paper on what "awesomeness" actually means in the internet-context.
It's just another message-board for me.

Very small.

There are hundredss of thousands of users of this site, most of whom are "consumers", reading and/or following projects published by other people.

Only a very small proportion of users are members, a minority of those are contributers of some form, and a minority of those will actually be active enough to see your post before it slips down the lists, and a minority of those who see the post will actually respond.

So far, you have one survey response out of 23 people who looked at the topic, out of >2 million who looked at the website during January.

If you want a truly random sample, you are going to have to sit down and spend time sending PMs to a list of randomly-selected members (maybe search for members with a letter "b" in their name?).
Grissini (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
fair enough. I made the mistake of word choice. I was using the word in the American colloquial meaning much more than the literal technical definition. I forgot about the very small subset of my audience and how they would interpret words. I learn things everyday here. thanks and I hope you're willing to respond to my more formal questionnaire that'll i'll be sending out after its approved by my professor.