Swap: my tea envelopes for ... surprise me!

I'm offering a big fat bag full of tea envelopes to someone who is willing to send me...
something fun. Make me an offer and see if I'll bite. I probably will.
I'm in the Netherlands, but this offer is international.

The envelopes are empty: there is no tea included in this offer. Many people like to use these colourful envelopes to make stuff, like cards.

The picture is only a sample. The envelope you'll be getting will really be fat. There will be different tea brands present, and different flavours, but also many of the same brand and flavour so you can make a pattern. You'll find mainly Dutch and German brands.

Any takers?

Picture of Swap: my tea envelopes for ... surprise me!
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Moem (author) 2 years ago

I'm reviving this thread because the offer is valid again! I'll swap you almost anything you can offer against an envelope full of tea envelopes. Anyone?

Moem (author) 5 years ago
Final bump, before this offer sinks into oblivion.
Goodhart Moem5 years ago
everyone has a differnt definition of "fun" though. A bag of transistors, resistors, and caps, would be "fun" for me..... :-)
Moem (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
I'd take that offer in a heartbeat if someone would make it! ;-)
Goodhart Moem5 years ago
Um, yeah but that;'s what I mean,  "I" would want the parts  LOL  
Moem (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Well, no tea envelopes for you, then ;-)
Goodhart Moem5 years ago
Well, it isn't like I couldn't eventually use them, but for sure, my wife would pooh pooh the idea of me storing them until that date :-D
Jayefuu5 years ago
Do you drink beer? I'll swap unbent dutch beer caps for an instructables patch :) Or failing that I'll just send one to you, I've a few.
Moem (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Oh! I should definitely be able to get you some beer caps.
Like, three or four different ones, removed carefully. That should work, I think?
Goodhart Moem5 years ago
I have removed countless metal bottle caps in the past using nothing more then my calloused hand and a sturdy shelf or end of a stair. Wood, because that won't break the glass so easily. At about chest level, i put the edge of the bottle cap on top of the stair, bottle upright, and come down fairly hard with the other hand striking the bottle cap. It NORMALL comes off easily and unbent. Discaimer: I am not responsible for any drink spilled using this method :-D
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