Sweet Sand Sculptures

Sand sculptures always amaze me. The good ones, I mean. Mine never progressed much beyond noble walls that were crushed by high tide, but it's great to see that other people kept up with it and can get such amazing results from such a finicky material.

"Fairy tales and legends" is the theme of this year's World Sand Sculpture Festival now underway at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Tottori prefecture. On display (until May 31) are 19 massive works crafted by world-class sculptors from ten nations. The artists used around 2,700 tons of sand and took about two weeks to complete their works.

World Sand Sculpture Festival

Picture of Sweet Sand Sculptures
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My gf and I went and saw this competition on its final day. They are amazing, each of the main sculptures where about 15 foot high. Very cool... just a lil bit to hard for me to try and make one though =(
Vynash8 years ago
This is pretty sad that someone could make those..... Think about it, most people can't even build small sand castles!
Derin Vynash8 years ago
I can build one,a solid one!
Vynash Derin8 years ago
jeff-o8 years ago
I bet none of the competitors wear contact lenses.
I once made a sea turtle sand sculpture - it really is hard!
lol, that was suppose to be easy to make from what sand sculpture book says... :-)
Haha - I guess everything's relative...
we're relatives ? ;-)
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