Swiss Army Bicycle

I watched this last night, having recorded it a few days ago.

Anybody else notice an instructable hiding on the bike?  In the full episode, you get to see it in action, along with the drill and grinding wheel, all separately powered by the rider.

Picture of Swiss Army Bicycle
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Wasagi6 years ago
Oh, this has to happen now.
Kiteman (author)  Wasagi6 years ago
It has happened.

If you can see the whole episode on iPlayer, the bike has an extending squeegie, drill, grindstone, screwdrivers, blender, regenerative braking and a creosote spary-dispenser.

It just doesn't have a thing for taking stones out of horses' hooves.
Wasagi Kiteman6 years ago
Combine that with a breakfast bar, the possibilities would be endless!!
Kiteman (author)  Wasagi6 years ago
I feel that may have to be a tandem...
A little harder to put in the pocket, but if you can attach it to a belt it would definitely be worth it.
jamiec536 years ago
Wow, I saw this when it was aired, but I never realised the instructables links! Although I guess they do go hand-in-hand with each other.
Kiteman (author)  jamiec536 years ago
I don't know if they were inspired by the bike blender project here, but it's a striking coincidence.
Kiteman (author) 6 years ago
If you can manage it, you ought to watch the full episode - it's even better.