Swiss man soars above Alps with jet-powered wing

-BEX, Switzerland

Yves Rossy, a Swiss pilot, strapped on a jet-powered wing and leaped from a plane Wednesday for the first public demonstration of the homemade device, turning figure eights and soaring high above the Alps.

Article on Yahoo!

Other Article in the Daily Mail

So far Rossy and his sponsors, including the Swiss watch company Hublot, have poured more than $285,000 and countless hours of labor into building the device. He would not estimate how much his device would cost should it ever be brought to market.

But, he believes similar jet-powered wings will one day be more widely available to experienced parachutists ready for the ultimate flying experience.

That is, if they don't mind missing out on the breathtaking panorama above the Swiss Alps.

"I am so concentrated, I don't really enjoy the view," Rossy said.

It's finally been done publicly. Man's eternal quest for flight has just gotten one step closer. Is anyone else reminded of Buzz Lightyear for some reason? No? Must be me then...

Who in their right mind would want to fly with a pair of jet-powered wings?

Every single one of you. That's who

WOW! Check out the device in Action!!

Pictures of his flight and preparation can be found here

UPDATE: ToolUsingAnimal has pointed out that this idea has been developed since 1935

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Boy, could this guy Yves Rossy write one hell of an instructable!!!!!!!! Talk about a do-it-yourself-er with credentials!
FrozenIce6 years ago
I met him and got his autograph when in switzerland :)
Kiteman9 years ago
That's not Batman, that's Buzz Lightyear!

buzz lightyear.JPG
Ha! I love buzz!
Kiteman9 years ago
Actually, it's the end of the flight that bothers me...

Approaching runway Check

Flaps Check

Air speed? 150knots

Landing gear down? Landing gear??

Talk about hitting the ground running...LOL
Parachute...Yeah Ever gone skydiving? It's a blast. If you could get checked off on one of these I might just do it.
I've never done it myself (mainly because Kitewife doesn't want a paraplegic for a husband), but I can certainly see the attraction.

Although I'm not keen of theme park rides.
=SMART= Kiteman9 years ago
i dont like theme park rides either , but i would love to have a go on this!
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